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Sunday, October 14, 2007

It's beautiful - up North!!!

I had the opportunity to meet a wonderful person and to visit (again) the state of Washington and Canada. I think that where I was is a gardener's heaven because the weather is mild and almost constant all year round. I can walk all I want and not sweat and that tells me that I can be out in the yard all day working out and not perspire. With this kind of weather, the many varieties of flowers and other vegetation flourish with a vengeance. I enjoyed the walks (with Shadow) looking at each plant and flowers along the way. I was so envious that fuchsia was growing like crazy in every yard while I can not grow it here on my part of the world... too hot.

I like being surrounded by nature. And state of Washington provides that. The abundance of sea food and produce is something I can live with everyday. Water, bodies of water, streams, current, any water movement always brings comfort and peace inside me and there was definitely an abundance of that as well. And I can definitely get lost in any of the public markets and or farmers' market they have. My kind of shopping which reminds me of home - the Philippines.

The drive to Canada was fantastic except for the passport showing procedures. The construction is ongoing at the border to get ready for the Olympics. I finally had the famous Tim Horton's coffee. Honestly, I didn't think it was anything special of a coffee. I would drink G's morning French press coffee anytime. He makes it perfect for me. And with a slice of homemade apple pie... geeeezzzz, what a treat!!!

Here are some pics to share.

Shadow, a very smart patient dog. I enjoyed his company. Something about ball... he just loves, loves, loves any ball. He never tires of playing catch and gnawing any ball.

I was enjoying the Vancouver skyline while Shadow was taking a dip in the cold water, catching his ball. This bridge is the one by Stanley Park.

I don't know how many times I saw this same scenario... the water plane taking off and adding to the fascinating view of the Vancouver skyline. Neat!!!

You better believe that salted water is ccooollldddd, just the way Shadow likes it... perfect for his coat. He had that ball in his mouth.

The ever famous Totem Poles at Stanley Park.

The trip was cut short but nonetheless, it was well worth it. I learned a great deal!!!


elyani said...

So glad you're having a great time E, that's the point. I agree with you Stanley Park is beautiful. My sweetie took me there by accident (on my first visit in Dev 2004) when we get lost on our way out of Vancouver...hehehe...don't tell him I told you this...LOL! I heard the park was hit by windstorm in 2005 which caused damage to a lot of the old trees there. Anyway, I'm so glad for you, and can't wait to hear more about Shadow human friend :)

NursyE said...

It was a great learning experience!!! Great trip, great company, great everything...

momoftwo said...

Oh how nice!!! It's good to get out from our comfort zone and explore. And with great everthing? Nothing beats that :)

Looks like Shadow enjoyed the trip too!

Belle said...

E, did you go to Pike Place market in Seattle? ohh, they have the freshest seafood and veggies. i like the way they toss salmon from one person to another.

did you travel alone? it is nice that you make time to visit friends despite your busy schedule. i thought at first, you made all the way to Marick and Mike's place in Canada.