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Monday, October 15, 2007

8 Random Facts About Me - tagged by Belle

This was a hard one so I had to ask a couple of friends for their random assessment of yours truly. I got nauseated... hehehe... of the randomness that Kay and Vincent shared. Anyways, here are ...

8 Random Facts About Me ...

Decent - Kay said because she never knew me to compromise any of my personal principles even it costs me some heart breaks. Hhhhmmm???

Funny - Kay said that she can't remember any encounter with me that she didn't at least smile. Most of the time, she (this is off the record) almost always had to "pee" her pants.

Charm? - Okayyy, this is debatable. I know I recently heard this adjective from the head of my Master's Program which caused havoc in my student life. Dr. C claimed that I was charming my way to that program and that I was charming all of my classmates despite the fact that I have a pretty decent GPA and that I impressed her with some of my work... hhhhmmm??? Kay's word - that I can talk anybody into doing anything... hehehe.

Persistent - that I move forward and only forward in an unstoppable manner when I set my mind into something... ignoring all hindrances.

Determined - I thought this was the same as the latter but Vincent said "no". I guess he'd seen my determination in achieving what I decide to accomplish.
Tenacious - this I think is a learned one from bad and sad experiences. More like a shield to protect me from unnecessary unpleasant "pain". Or that it is because this word comes with those words -- persistent and determination.

Patient - this one is a given. I am a nursy. One has to be a "patient" more ways than one to be in my profession. Although I think that I am less patient or tolerant as my age advances.
Consistent - this is the most nauseating, overly, exaggerated word given but I promised to post it as said. I was told that I am consistent in my love, care, attention, generosity to all that I care about. That "I give only one way"... meaning I don't wait, I don't expect and I don't care about reciprocities.


momoftwo said...

I second the motion to your friend Kay's words on CHARM! You got it Nursy!

It's really good to know you more amiga after all these years :)

Belle said...

thanks E for doing the tag. i appreciate it very much. it is nice to know more about you although i am pretty much aware of those qualities of yours having known you for some time.

definitely, you possess the charm or siguro may crush saiyo si prof...kaya?