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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Derma/complexion - vanity, youth, flaws, etc...

As I advance with my age, the physical flaws pile up or so it seems. I am still battling with my forever labile hormonal function that directly affects my weight. I am happy though that I can at least have some control now about this once "my health crisis"... a struggle still ... but is going the right downward direction. I recently consented to be the subject for COMPLEXION ANALYSIS. With this, my facial derma analysis was done. A report is shared.
The catch of course here is to tell me and encourage me to use their beauty products which are not the cheapest. Is it worth the money to hasten the process of aging and deterioration? hehehe maybe for those women who have spare change to use to buy these products.

With spots and blemish that I have... compare to other women of my age range???

I belong to the 34% ones... meaning 66% of women my age are worse off than I am.

I have 2% rating on my pores which is not the greatest. This is my problem area. My skin pore is too big that subject me into flare-ups of adult pimples during that time of the month. Also that makes my skin sensitive to many skin products out there.

Porphyrins is a very complicated chemical ongoing in the body that I can't even break it down to a simpler term that my brain can relate to. Anyways, my number is on the low side which means that I do have enough of this that cause the breakages in my skin which results in the blemishes and adult pimples.

The result of the wrinkle test denotes that there's 18% of women my age that have lesser wrinkle than I have. And 82% is worse off than me.

My complexion is on the 33% range meaning that this adds up to the cause of my skin breakdown. Not too fine but then it is not too bad.

UV Spots, the sun damage present on my skin is 228. The numbers reflects a very low damage and yet could be improved.

I enjoyed the pampering of the free session, the education on my complexion. I have to admit, I ended up buying the facial wash but that was all I was willing to buy into... hehehe!!!


Belle said...

E, did they use the products on you for free? or they just did complexion analysis? glad you didn't get sucked in to buy their expensive products. smart!

me, i just use cheap ones for my face at Wal-Mart. my daughter uses virgin coconut oil for her face and hair.

NursyE said...

Hola, amiga! Yes they used the products on me. I am a hard one to make a sale with... being a bargain hunter. I ended up buying the facial wash... the only product that made sense to me.

momoftwo said...

nursyE, to me your skin is way much better that mine. I have the largest pores that you can see.

I had bad pimple attacks when I was a teenager.