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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Yes Ma'm!!!

Yep!!! I did it!!! I even have a library card to prove it, besides the receipts, of course. What am I talking about??? I am officially enrolled, officially a student... AGAIN!!! I even started my financial investment to the educational system AGAIN... not cheap, that's for sure.

Last year, my one and only child graduated from college. His father and I helped him out from the beginning to the end. He did not have to work while going to school. He graduated without any debt to pay back. I have been kind of waiting around and see if he would come to his final decision of going back to school for his master's degree. He decided to wait a little while on that. He wants to be a little more stable in the "adult world". And when I heard that, I started thinking about me... remembering that the last time I was in school was in 1998 for my second bachelor in science degree - in nursing.

I have been checking around for programs. Two weeks ago, I emailed the director of a program and she emailed back with a response that I could be in the program that is starting August 20 if I drive up for the last orientation day which was 8 days ago. And I dragged a co-worker/friend with me to the wine country where the campus is at. It was amazing how things just evolved in seemingly whirlwind fashion. Before I knew it, I was accepted in the program at the end of that day in a promise that I will submit this and that paper work.

And so I bribed my ex-supervisors/friends to sign letters of recommendations for me. I started scribbling my essay. I looked for my college transcripts. All at the same time, I have been subjecting myself to several job interviews.I even started formulating some plans for my future life when school starts and some 1 1/2 jobs along with that. Yep, I can see me without any social life!!!

So, yesterday, after 2 hours and 45 minutes of driving in the ever so famous Bay Area traffic, I spent all day at the campus. And all those feelings came back. It might sound strange but I like that atmosphere, I like school, I like studying, I like the academia' deal. I did not mind at all that I was running back and forth to the book store, library, registration office, nursing department and all over the campus.

For the next two years I will be tackling my master's degree program... oh la la!!!


elyani said...

... and it just goes to show, no one is ever too old to fullfill their dreams. Good luck, girlfriend!

momoftwo said...

Wow!!! Sounds like fun :) So in 2 yrs we'll see NursyE, MSN then ARNP? How excitingg!!

Good luck, I know you will do great!

NursyE said...

I am thinking maybe my knight in shining armor would save me and take me away from my insanity... hehehe!!!

We'll see, at least for two years I will be away from troubles... won't have time to get in them.

Let's see about this title. My title now if I use it... (I never use it)

So when I finish..

Well, I will wait to figure it out...

Belle said...

good for you E! you are officially a student again! nice feeling huh, rubbing elbows with the young and the restless...hehe.

when does classes start or has it started already? always on the look-out for those hunkies with cute buns-buns..hehe.