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Friday, August 31, 2007

Continuation - Universal Health Care - Pros and Cons

I have talked about the UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE which you can read down below. Here is the positive and negative talks about it...

The positive impacts of UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE discussed here are excerpts from several readings I have done...

Cut down or even elimination of using the emergency rooms for primary care. Universal health care can provide the poorest of the poor the free taxpayer funded primary care from non-emergency room doctors.

Universal heath care would definitely get rid of the bureaucracy in the health insurance.

Medical costs currently come from lawsuits. With a government run agency those costs could be easily reduced since there will only be a single agency, the government, involve in the litigation process.

People without insurance can pay a tremendous amount for a minimal time with a doctor. With the Universal Health Care, profit will be taken out of the equation.

As with the positive impacts, the discussion of the negativities of UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE is from the several readings I have done.

America has the best medicines and doctors because of the competition that is created by the free market health care system. It has flaws just like any other systems and these flaws would be even worse with the the Universal Health Care System.

Universal health Care system would just give the politicians another social program to boast about and manage.

There are people that are too lazy to take the personal responsibility required to live off of their own effort. Where is the incentive to become unpoor these days? There are people that need health care, true, but there are the leaches to just look to the system to bail them out because working for compensation requires too much of them. These are the people ruining it for a lot of us, but our governmentt hands them a check anyways. America employs lazyness.

Universal health care would be a state- sanctioned monopoly. Monopolies are illegal in this country.

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