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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Reckless abandonment...

What causes us to be afraid of reckless abandon? Why are we always so guarded and afraid? Are we too afraid of the unknown that we don't allow ourselves to just abandon our inhibitions.

I spent a great day yesterday with my "almost sister, J." and her hunky, G. Their relationship is fairly new. Both of them are Christians and entered into the relationship through God. With that said, you'd think that the relationship is smooth sailing. But on the contrary, J is having a lot of uncertainties.

Two words or concepts I have shared are leap of faith and reckless abandonment. We sure had some interesting exchanges of ideas with those two words on the table of discussion. I admired G for being certain with his love for J. And I just like the way he explained himself on that. Loving someone through God and irregardless of what the other person's reciprocal feelings or emotions ... sounds wonderful enough. So why is she having some difficult time accepting him and those concept???

Are our lives so rigid with our goals and routines and obligations and responsibilities that we no longer unable to be pliable enough to take a break away from those goals and routines and obligations and responsibilities??? Are we so engulfed with life's astringent demands that we no longer able "to let loose" and be down and crazy and forget for a short while and do something silly and even crazy for a moment or two???

I know of a person that said to me that his year has already been scheduled for him (of course by his secretary) and thus can't see how he can squeeze in any other activities other than those already scheduled. For some odd reason, I felt sad for him when I heard that. Reckless abandonment... that would be nice for him, I think and so I stated.

I think I have done a few reckless abandonment in my lifetime... seems like I get pushed or put in that spot though by friends. I remember, a few years ago, going to Santa Catalina Island for a much needed R&R with four girlfriends. It seems like that I almost always opt for a more tamer, relaxing, quieter way of having R&R. Somehow my company almost always doing more spectacular, daring "fun" than I choose to. They are okay with my choices and I am fine with theirs... does not affect our friendships at all.

So then they decided to go parasailing, the next morning. For one moment I had that "reckless abandonment" and went for it. First of all I am not even a swimmer, I barely self taught myself to swim to avoid drowning. Second of all, I have this problem with heights. It is a tolerable phobia but my preference is to stay away from activities that require height.

The minute the harness was being applied around me, the feeling of adventure had drowned down ... hehehe!!!! My back formed that wide, big yellow streak on it... hehehe!!! I desperately wanted out of all that. But then there I was, eventually being dragged down the water runway and then lifted up on the air. How I survived that is beyond me... I think we all do need some reckless abandonment at times...

I am ready!!! Are you???


Belle said...

i don't think i am brave enough to do what you did especially i am not a heavy swimmer either. i will do my own version of reckless abandonment like hiking Mt Everest, anything to do with land, but not on water please. i have phobia with water.

momoftwo said...

I'm with belle. I don't think I can do what you have done :) Parasailing? No thanks, I cant even ride the rollercoaster hehe...Heights is one of my fears :)

BTw, NursyE, I tagged you :) 10 random facts about your mom :)

NursyE said...

10 random things about my Nanay??? hhhhmmmmmm

I once went for air ballooning ... hehehe... I do have some sense of adventure I guess.

Another thing I did was when we went to Carlsbad Cavern in New Mexico, the ex talked me into crawling this small hole to get to a "secret room" of the cave... What was I thinking??? I did all sort of twisting that I thought I was a contortionist. I must admit, the sight was worth it with all the stalactites and stalagmites that were so beautiful.

Or those unventured little paths in the Monterey area to get to the beaches when once we came out in the "nudist beach"... hehehe!!! I guess I did not melt that time because I am still around... but I thought I did at that time... talk about feeling awkward.