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Friday, July 6, 2007

Interracial, a talk about its beauty

Interracial union of the hearts... come into place without any prejudicial intents. Cultures intermingle, genetic traits amalgamate. The offspring of this union shows off the blended beauty of the genetic mix.

When my son was born and I had the time to really look him over, I got fascinated by his physical characteristics. He definitely inherited and shows off the genetic mixture from both his parents. His father - a second generation German American and a Filipina mother. I always think he has such a beautiful skin coloring... always a light golden tan. His hair coloring is a mix of light brown and dark brown. Eyes that are somewhat brown with hazel tone to them. He turned out to be a tall product of a 5'11" father and a 5'4" mother... 6'3".
But then biological benefits or disadvantages of interracial marriage should probably be irrelevant. People should be choosing their marriage partners based on personal characteristics. Man/woman should marry someone who she/he decides to be committed to loving the rest of his/her life irregardless of what the offspring might look like.

One comment I have read..."although most hybrid children are uniquely beautiful, they face the tough time socializing, unless they are exceptionally good looking". I did not see this issue with my child growing up. I have to admit though that it came into play with his first relationship that caused his young heart to break. The ex-girlfriend is of English heritage. The young lady did not have any prejudicial tendencies but unfortunately, her parents could not recognize the relationship because my child was not quite "white" enough.

I personally don't have any problem with this kind of hypocrites because I just go ahead and bounce back to them their attitude... it is really their problem and not mine... prejudism I mean. Can you imagine how rotten they feel inside when around people they don't regard as "equal"??? And this is how I raised my child... that there is nothing wrong with him. He is a beautiful person inside and outside and should not believe anything less than that. Hopefully, he would always live in the thinking that I always share with him... treat other people as you would like to be treated. And don't let the stranger's ignorance make you uncomfortable.
One other benefit of having parents of different cultures is inheriting two cultures instead of just one. My son loves it. He loves to be around his Filipino relatives and embracing the uniqueness of it. The ongoing joke with him and my family... "C, you are so tall (he is 6'3") which he always answers back... No I am not that tall, Filipinos are just short people".The bottom line is... the most important feature in a person, hybrid or not, is the inside. Inside beauty is what really count.


momoftwo said...

I always like the combination of an American and Filipina. Beautiful kids with exceptionally beautiful skin.

Sometimes it's hard for the so-called hybrid kids which way to go. Because of the act of prejudism they received from other people. I salute you the way you raised your son.

NursyE said...

It was painful to me when C learned of this social act personally. His vey first girlfriend's parents didn't like him because he was not quite "white enough". When that was shared with me, I wanted to drive over and give them a lesson or two but then I know these prejudicial people can be tunneled vision with their beliefs... Sad to have those feelings and be living in a place like California where it is a melting pot.