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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Animated me!!!

Can you imagine a world with only one personality wherein everyone thinks the same and behaves the same??? I must say that God does have a great sense of humor for creating the many personalities in all of us. Our differences are what make our lives interesting. The intermingling of these differences is what gives us the feelings of sadness, happiness, fulfillment, failures and many other "humanly" characteristics.

These humanly characteristics have been portrayed by the many cartoon characters out there that were made by great creative writers. Have you associated yourself with one of these cartoon characters???
I always have had great admiration for Eeyore. I don't consider him as a reflection of my own personality but this creation of A. A. Milne, shows us the negativism, resistance and fears of people. Eeyore, a character in Winnie the Pooh, has a wishy-washy kinda approach to life. He gives voice to the worst fears there are but makes one face possibilities that would rather be avoided. Eeyore notices if things don’t work out. His “I told you so” makes us see the price of the possibilities of "good".

Now, there is one character out there that carries many of my self-reflections... TINKERBELL!!! Tinkerbell was created by James M. Barrie, the British playwright and author of Peter Pan. Many versions exist of Tinkerbell, none are perceived as important as that created by Marc Davis (1913-2000) the famous animator at Disney in 1953.

Tinkerbell, the jealous fairy who glowed the brightest for Peter Pan. I have yet to find my Peter Pan and maybe show off my glow, but that is another story. I wonder how bright my glow can be when my Peter Pan comes along??? Hhhhmmmm??? Tinker Bell is a mender of pots and kettles, a tinker is a tin worker, and with her magic wand led Peter Pan through the ins and outs of Never Never Land which made her one of our greatest influences to search out and find, thus the name.

I can't say I am a mender but I do like to keep busy, always having projects at hand. I have been accused many times of having an affair with the mail man or the milk man or the UPS man because of the times I would rearrange the entire house and puzzling the other members of the household how I was able to move certain furniture or appliance in the house. I keep mum. Let them guess. Maybe a hunky on the side has been helping me... hehehe!!! NOT!!!

I guess the child in me is drawn to that " fantasy" that Tink exudes or represents... the sparkle, the unexpected flash of light, the speeding beam... uplifts me to that land of possibilities and good... the never ending hope and wishes. Many dreams still to be gotten. There is always an endless possibilities. Many Never, never land to reach and claim and rejoice about.

It took me a while to learn to focus ( I still have the struggle) on the positive sparkle of life. It is still hard to keep my wand directed to the pleasantries of life... but I am more aware and more appreciative. I guess the Eeyore side of my life taught me that. Life, God's sense of humor, the cartoon adventures in this Never, never land that we live in, had helped me quite a bit in finding my power to search for that which I can no longer have, keep me reminded that anything that can be believed and make-believe is real.

In my "mature" years I see myself more of a free spirit, like Tink. "She is what she is, says what she says and doesn’t give a care what others may think, and seems happy to tell people they are a silly a--. She does however endear herself to everyone in spite of her jealous ways and spiteful character. She would lay down her life for Peter and finds it difficult to compete with his attention to other adoring female company."

I think the only characteristic of Tink that I don't have or if I do have is the degree of jealousy. I am one to see with my own eyes first before being jealoused... and what I see has to be something outrageously outright for me to spend any energy or brain to that issue. Otherwise, it is not worth it. And if my Peter Pan is stupid enough to divert his attention then it is his lost and his character at stake... not mine.

Another side of Tinkerbell that I don't see in me is the vindictiveness and hatred... but then I have not been provoked that badly yet... hehehe!!!


momoftwo said...

Hay naku. I definitely don't want to be like Peter Pan. I want to grow up hehehe..I like Tink though :)

NursyE said...

Hopefully my Peter Pan is not Tink's kinda Peter Pan...

And hopefully he is just lurking around my area... hehehe!!!