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Monday, December 10, 2007

Friendship Award - bestowed by Nursy Fe

I decided to follow this meme from Nursy Fe's blogspot

She is always so generous of thinking of me. Thank you so much!!!

"And The First Class Friendship Award, I’m giving to:
NursyE - a very unselfish friend. She’s one of a kind. We met through a message board long time ago."

MOM (Mother of 2 Munchkins) aka Nursy Fe and I met in a message board turned war zone. Actually it was her darling future husband-to-be that was the co-member and eventually they were entwined and she took over as the active member. She and hubby now blessed with 2 gorgeous children... my cyberniece and cybernephew.
We then moved to another message board that was built by another sweet friend.
Nursy Fe was one Filipina that does not have any problems tackling life changes. She had more than enough education from back home and yet did not have any egotistical qualm about returning back to school for a career that she thinks will give her better "future"... nursing. I can bet to the fact that she indeed made a great decision...
Going to school, being a mother, a wife, a worker... sounds like a familiar story!!!
With that comment, I am bestowing this same award back to the generous giver... Nursy Fe. You indeed deserve this award more than once, twice and many more times over...


momoftwo said...

Wow! NursyE, I'm really touched of this entry :)

I'm really glad that we're friends :)

elyani said...

I am echoing Nursy Fe :) our online friendship has been tremendous fun. I'm blessed with your friendship too.