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Monday, December 10, 2007

Accidental ... whiplash!!!

October 30,2007 ... the great 2 days spent with my mother ended in a not so great note ... my back tire on the driver side blew that caused an accident. The tires were not old at all and the SUV - 2002 Mitsubishi Montero Sport ES just went through an overall check-up. It was around 3 PM, rush hour so the traffic was about the speed limit of 65 mph and there was a Sheriff car behind me so I was "behaving".

After hearing a big exploding noise, this SUV went out of control and swerved to the right to which I hit the middle part of a big semi truck. So then I attempted to correct it while it was shaking like jello. Luckily it followed my guidance to the left side of the road which was the median island. I put on the brake and checked on my mother then myself. I then attempted to get out to check on the damage(s) but could not open my door. The Sheriff behind me stopped alongside my vehicle and pried open my door so that I can get out.

An ambulance and a CalTran worker were around the area so they stopped and asked if they can help in anyway. I informed them that I was a trauma nursy and that my assessment told me that my mother and I were "okay".

The SUV was crunched up in the front and on the back passenger part. All fluids leaked out and the trunk door was ajar and I couldn't close it all the way. So we waited for the CHP (California Highway Patrol) for official report, tow truck and a phone call from my sweet car insurance guy.

We got towed and took the taxi back home from the tow park at the outskirt of the city I live in.

The following days were going for medical assessments and dealing with insurance procedures.

The verdict after 16 days... SUV was officially declared ... not financially reasonable to be restored. Another 4 days and I was told how much I would get for my totalled vehicle. I came ahead by 4 thousands...

So then the shopping for the replacement ensued. And here it is...

2004 Land Rover, Freelander. A certified pre-owned vehicle with free maintenance until 2012. All I have to do is drive it to any dealership and it will be maintained or fixed. It had only 36,000 miles on it and looks pretty brand new. It was used as the dealership vehicle. And it is all paid for. No car payment... the best feature. I could have bought a brand new car but did not want to deal with car payment which I haven't had in many years. The features I like about my new vehicle... the seat warmer and heated windows.


momoftwo said...

I'm happy to know that you're feeling better now and so is your Mom.

Good thing, you kept your cool. Like you said, as an experienced Trauma nurse you have the experience.

And I like your new SUV :) Feel better. Take care!

elyani said...

I'm glad that there were no serious injuries. It must have been quite a harrowing experience for your mom. Great to know that things turned out ok. Nice car! Does that mean you have one Jag for summer drive and one SUV for winter? :)

Belle said...

thank God you and your mother are safe - car can be replaced. the only good thing that came out of this is you got yourself a LandRover, my favorite car.