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Friday, April 27, 2007

A Pinay talk on Filipina...

Filipinos are the inhabitants of the Southern Asian country, the Philippines. The word also refers to the people of Philippine descent, irregardless of citizenship. During the colonial era, the term "Filipino" originally referred to Spaniards born in the Philippines, also known as insulares, criollos or espaƱol filipino. This distinguished them from Spaniards born in Europe who were known as peninsulares. By the mid to late nineteenth century, however, the term "Filipino" had begun to refer to the indigenous population of the Philippines.

Today, Filipino is also used to signify the nationality and citizenship of one who is from the Philippines. Colloquially, Filipinos may refer to themselves as Pinoy (feminine: Pinay), which is formed by taking the last four letters of Pilipino and adding the diminutive suffix -y. The word was coined by expatriate Filipino Americans during the 1920s and was later adopted by Filipinos in the Philippines.

In this talk, the subject will be the pinay ... such as yours truly. A Filipina can have a Spanish, Malaysian, Chinese and even American blood in her. And in my case, Spanish blood from my father's side of the family. Most Filipinas speak excellent English because English is the country's second language.

A preconceived notion is that Filipinas are submissive. I can tell you right off that is not true. Well, there might be submissive Filipinas but then there are submissive women in all of the other cultures. Filipinas are generally non-confrontational. She hesitates to challenge her partner in front of other people to save him from embarrassment and that is mistaken for submissiveness. On the contrary, Filipinas are very sophisticated in their ways to get their partners to do what they want them to do.

Many western men who marry a Filipina wife, swear they make the best wives in the world. Some reasons given: loyal, loving and faithful forever. The Filipina heart is sweet, loving, faithful, romantic, loyal and everlasting in their love but it has to be won and that could be challenging for the hopeful man but once won that lucky hunky (my word for man) is showered with all her love.

These loving creatures want nothing more in life than to please their partners. All of them are virgins until married and sex before marriage is absolutely unheard of! Once they are married, all Filipinas instantly become sexual dynamos who have insatiable appetites for sex in any form. ... but only with their partners. "Filipinas are loyal sexual servants who want only one thing: to please her partner!" That should give these hopeful men something to think about... hehehe!!!

Another fact about Filipinas is their way of letting the partner know that there is something that is bothering her or something offended her. This very distinct behavior is known as ... tampo. Tampo is the result of mild dissatisfaction, not of actual anger. The behavior is a cultural norm in the Philippines and a westerner should not be overly concerned the first time he encounters it. Tampo is a very useful tool, because it allows a Filipina to show her displeasure about something. Remember, confrontation is generally unacceptable in Filipino society, so disagreement or displeasure must be expressed indirectly. So when tampo shows up, just let her simmer down and approach her later on. What is it? That sudden bout of silence of a Filipina.

Then there are those Filipinas that migrated out of their countries and embraced the western world... the westernized Filipinas, such as myself. These Filipinas have adapted and adopted the western world but yet retain the innate qualities of being a Filipina, preserving most of the beliefs and traditions they have learned growing up in their native country. These Filipinas seem to be the stronger ones for they have lived through many challenges from their native country to their adopted country intermingling the eastern and western ways of living while preserving the qualities that make them ... Filipinas/Pinays ... unique...


Belle TH said...

am not really the type that will sulk in the room and will not talk for hours because husband forgets to acknowledge me or something. nope! i will let him know up front what is bothering me instead of bottling it inside. i don't think it is good in a relationship. i would say, if something is irritating or frustrating you, talk it out with your hubby. if this doesn't work, then maybe he deserves the tampo treatment..just my 2 cents worth on tampo.

by the way E, i like the solo picture of you.

A Mother of Two said...

I used to sulk but I learned that I can't deliver the msg to the other party if I continue to do so. Hubs does it sometimes too hahaha. Akala ko common lng sa mga Pinay, sa Pinoy rin pala LOL! Great post, MsE!

Anonymous said...

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