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Monday, April 2, 2007

All about B R A G G I N G!!!

Alright, I have waited long enough to brag about my one and only, the love of my life, the only priceless treasure I have ... my son, C. He came unto the world 2 weeks later than expected. Although he was born 10.1 pounds and 23 1/2 inches, he was under close observation for a month for possible more complications from difficult delivery... medical negligence actually. Ten years of his life was an observation period with pending litigation if ever a health issue surfaced.

He was finally brought home after a month of stay in the hospital. Never had any medical problems ever since, thank goodness!!! He grew up a happy, healthy, full of energy, and intelligent child. Being the only second child on my side of the family, he received tremendous amount of love and attention. He did not have many toys because I did not believe in having them. What he did have were books. We spent many hours reading books and having adventures and using imagination through them. We were active members of our public library, letting him join in reading programs, and similar activities. He learned to read with 100% comprehension at age 3. From then on he continued to be advanced scholastically. Every year the school would recommend for him to be promoted to the higher grade but we decided to leave him be with his own age group. He might have been advanced scholastically but socially, we felt that he was just right and needed that part of growing up with children of his own age. Being an only child, school was his important source of social growth.

School years were hectic. He did all of those little boys' activities such as sports, school activities and advanced scholastic activities with awards and recognitions. His love for reading developed. And now that he is all grown up, he would occasionally tease me for giving him that curse... the love for reading... because he can not stop reading.

He, just like any other child was resilient. We parents sometimes misjudge our children's capacities to take in life changes. They are very capable beings in handling family life changes. C, is no exception. He was able to work around Mom's life changes. I went back to school while continued to work night shift so that I can be home during the day for him. He learned to adapt to that and grew up in that kind of environment without a lot of difficulties. He just continued to grow up and grew up he did in seemingly high-speed fashion.

Many times, I have made the comment about being content just to sit in the corner of the room and watch this child every second of everyday and not be bored at all. But reality dictated that it was not possible.

Teen-age years were typical. There was that stage of "know -it-all, smart-mouth, testing limits". But he learned pretty quickly that all those were not needed and not important so we moved along in our growth stages without a lot of difficulties. At age 13, he was made to sit down and made to listen to Mom's heart talk. I was amazed how he took it smartly and lovingly... the decision to live separately from his father. Again I say, we misjudge our children with their abilities to understand.

Then, Mom's awakening came... he was off to college. OH NO!!! I had the harder time with the separation than him I think. But then we both adjusted and accepted the fact. Just another stage of growing for all of us.

Now he is a college graduate with double majors. Always a good child and remain my source of joy. He is my ears and shoulders to cry on and I am likewise to him. He is adjusting to the world of adulthood with his first job, first apartment, first car (that he bought). I think he is doing a pretty good job on it. And in my book, he will always be the first...


Elyani said...

It sounds like you have a wonderful relationship with C. Please keep in mind he will always be close to you - no matter where he is and no matter how old he is. Great posting!

Belle TH said...

I especially love that picture of him in blue shirt. How old was he in that picture?

Nagmana si C sa mama, definitely, sa talino at sa looks. It is nice that you have that closeness with each other.

Momoftwo said...
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MomInMiami said...

I'll be a very proud Mama too if I have a son like C :) You brought him up really good, MsE. Hats off to you!

NursyE said...

Thank you ladies for the sweet words!!!

To Belle: That was taken when he was 19 years old in Las Vegas when we went to see Penn and Teller's show. Obviously, that is one of them.