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Monday, April 13, 2009

As you point...

At some points in our lives ... we feel the "powerlessness" and we try to deal with this "lessness" in our own ways.

Some of us get angry, some want to die, some get paralyzed, some get critical, some get righteous, some get philosophical, some get into superiority or inferiority, some come out fighting and some just feel beat up. When in this situation, we take on a role to act it out. This is when we get into the so-called ... KARPMAN DRAMA TRIANGLE.

Wikipedia discusses the KARPMAN drama triangle as a psychological and social model of human interaction first described by Stephen Karpman, which has become widely used in psychology and psychotherapy. The drama triangle shows the dramatic roles that people act-out in daily life that are unstable, unsatisfactory, repeated, emotionally competitive, and generate misery and discomfort for both people, sooner or later. The switching that occurs between Persecutor - Rescuer - Victim - generates the drama and the painful feelings that occur when people have hidden agendas, secrets, and then manipulate for dysfunctional personal advantage.

The unfortunate and sad thing is when we handle the"lessness" by calling it in another person, usually ... the partner or the significant other. It is so easy to see it when another person handles this "powerlessness" this way but so hard to catch ourselves doing it. It is so easy to point a finger at someone, usually, at the person that we love. As a good friend would say ...remember that when we point a finger at that person in front of us, the rest of the fingers in that hand are pointing at ourselves.

BE HONEST TO YOURSELF and so you can set yourself free and thus the domino effect of setting free the people around you!!!

Please don't take out your issues on another being... That other person is not there to be your target area or your punching bag...

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