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Friday, May 23, 2008

Fidelity ... my take on it!!!

In the matters of the hearts, many variables come into play that make a relationship more challenging. The differences of the man and the woman in the relationship, just as being a man and as a woman - you know, that deal about Man from there and Woman from the other there... complicate the relationship as it is. We are not even going into the outside influences that add to the roller coaster ride in the relationship.

My ex-marriage was not the greatest but fidelity or I should say infidelity never came into play even in the worst of it.

My first personal encounter of this subject, infidelity that is, was when I decided to try a go of another relationship after many years of being alone. The man I thought that could be the second man in my life committed infidelity on his partner of many years. I was deceived, made to believe that he was not in any other relationship beside ours. Come to find out, he was already in a relationship for many years and was still in that relationship when he started chasing me. Eventually, my gut feelings lead me straight into the truth that I was seeking althrough the period of our relationship.

I was glad that I flew over in his world and saw things with my very own eyes... infidelity !!!

Another disguise of this act came into play in my life. The question or challenge that was brought to my senses... how could there be an infidelity when the third party is several thousand miles away???

Good question!!! My concern about this is the emotional effect and hold that the third party has even if she is several miles away. The lies, deceits, sneaking around befits infidelity... my opinion anyway. When I am in a relationship, I choose to be in it and give my all. And expect the same back.... Is that so wrong???


Belle said...

am so sorry to hear about your experience in the love department. for some reason, in today's world, honesty is hardly ever heard of.

again, welcome back!

Proud Mother of Two said...

I am really sorry Ms E. I hope all is well.

Just dropping by.

I changed my blogsite. Been really busy lately.

TAke care!