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Thursday, June 7, 2007

The game man and woman play...

The Bible has two myths of creation ... the Genesis and the Adam and Eve theories. As we know, the second theory tells us the creation of Adam in the Garden of Eden in the company of animals and with the warning to not eat the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Adam was not happy, so God created Eve out of one of his ribs. It was Eve that ate the fruit at the urging of the serpent and she in turned talked Adam in doing the same. And so they were punished... Adam to toil for his living, and Eve to suffer pain in childbirth and the Garden of Eden banished.

This is not a Bible talk but a talk about men and women and the games they play in relationships. As I have shared before; I haven't had a lot of relationships to talk about. This talk is a mixture of personal experience and information I have read.

Anytime a man and a woman are together, the potential for magic or mayhem exists, we all know that. The man-woman thing is a game rather than a source or basis of identity. It is that exciting, spicy encounter, each plays a part, like an actor or actress on a stage acting out an ageless drama with a continuous new script.

Man-woman life then was simple. Women wanted, and men provided. In the olden times when chivalry was alive and well, women were definitely more feminine. They were happy to be female. They played their part with grace and ease. Men were heroic and romantic. They were happy to court women and women were delighted to be courted.

Over the past several decades, women have taken on more of the male roles. Maybe it is time to move back to the way it was in the olden times. This would probably allow men to support women in moving things in the direction of the feminine. This might bring balance back to a world where the feminine energy is wanted and needed. I think that women need to allow men to be men, and encourage them to do more of what they do best. Men want women to know they are completely capable of producing whatever women want and need, as long as they are given the opportunity.

I think that when a woman expresses her wishes and desires, a man should take heed that those would be the times that he can win her over... by listening to her, paying close attention to what she says she would like. The domino effect on the relationship is tremendous when a man plays hero for the woman. I think a man helping a woman discover her desires could benefit him the most because she is a much happier woman with a heart overflowing with love for him.

As we all know, we were not created different by accident. The plan has always been perfect, but we have resisted the perfection of our differences. This resistance has been the source of the majority of man-woman breakdowns.

In order to move efficiently around each other's game board, each one has to recognize that women are better than men in the area of desire, and men are more effective than women in producing to satiate those desires. K.C. book states that ... "to try to exist on love is like trying to make a meal out of salt. Yet the seasoning is important. The goal, is to recognize its significance, activate it in life, perfect the arts of playing the game, and do so when it is appropriate." Sounds simple enough and yet man-woman breakdowns happen quite a bit.


momoftwo said...

What an interesting read, NursyE! I miss you posts, busy bee?

Yeah, aren't women born to be pampered, and should get what we want, "always"? :)

Belle said...

whenever i long for some good read, this is the place that comes to mind first. E, you were a beautiful bride, by the way. how are you these days?

NursyE said...

Thanks, Belle! I am quite busy but will have a little break soon... 2 trips in sight. Can't wait!!!